Zinc Battery

Silver oxide-zinc batteries are widely used in military applications which require tight voltage regulation as well as high energy and power density. The silver/zinc system has the highest gravimetric energy density and the highest volumetric energy density of all rechargeable batteries in the wide use today.


Silver oxide-zinc batteries between 0,5 - 120 Ah capacities are used in high energy and current density applications such as satellite, military aircrafts, submarines and portable military equipment. In military aırcraft applications, silver oxide-zinc batteries are used as emergency power source and also activated when the flight control parts are needed to be act rapidly.


In case of high voltage and current demands, silver oxide-zinc batteries can be connected in series or parallel to form battery blocks. Power output of these batteries can be increased up to 300 KW and sustained for 10 minutes. 

Technical Specifications

Nominal capacity

Nominal Voltage

Applicable Current Voltage




Maximum Dıscharge Duration

Cut-off Voltage


Dry Shelf Life

Wet Shelf Life

Cycle Life

Storage Temperature

120 Ah

1.5 V

120 A (1.47 V)

480 A (1.35 V)

600 A (1.30 V)

780 A (1.25 V)

60 minutes for 120 A

Min. 1.0 V

Potassium Hydroxide

4 Years

1 Year

8-15 Charge / Discharge Cycle

-15°C / +35°C

-10°C / +45°C

1840 +/- 20 grams

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