1KW Pem Fuel Cell for Autonomous Systems

OSPEM is a 1kW PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) Fuel Cell system designed to be used in Autonomous Robotic Systems whıch are required to have long endurance. Different than its counterparts Li-İon, Li-Polymer, dry or gel type batteries, it has the ability to increase the operation time of systems up to 4 times. It can produce electrıcity continuosly as long as fuel and oxidant is supplied to the systems. 

It is the most preferred energy supply for mobile electronic devices due to its being a silent and modular system, easy storage and replaceability of fuel in small cartridges and low emission rate.

Technical Specifications







Performace Data

Width: 470 mm

Depth: 370 mm

Height: 370 mm

Weight: 31 Kg

Design: PEM, Air Cooling, Closed Cathode 

Current: 41A

Net Power Output: 1000 W

Output Voltage: 24 V

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